We love improving the human environment, making life more simplistic and activities more efficient. Our mission is to make the world a better place using wireless products. 

Our core expertise is a bi-directional wireless solution for high volume applications, where the cloud connected infrastructure communicates with and determines the position of, up to 250,000 nodes in a short period of time. The acquired sensor data can be processed and used for social activities, management, and security. This technology has been proven with 370,000 wristbands for the EDM event, Tomorrowland in Belgium and several other events.

Sostark is a technology vendor that provides a range of services: 

  • system analysis/feasibility study and product specification
  • proof of concept demonstration
  • wireless product prototypes and test process
  • cost-effective production samples
  • volume production

Our product provides a reliable, secure and robust network of wireless sensors and gateways that connect to the cloud, enabling efficient data acquisition. 

The Sostark team has a long history of creating many wireless products, including:. 

  • professional, government and military products (1995)
  • co-developed the IEEE802.15.4 standard and multiple wireless products (2000)
  • Wireless Home Theater System audio module and RF chip (2005)
  • high volume wireless wristband for Tomorrowland (wristbands with integrated LEDs, bidirectional 900MHz data, sensors etc.), and other events (2015)
  • Industrial building automation projects
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